nejicommu / ネジコミュ


"Always the same always different"

nejicommuはSayuri Fujiiによるアトリエ。
ハンドクラフトによる腕時計, ジュエリー, レザー小物製作を2001年に東京で開始。

nejicommu is the independent atelier of Sayuri FUJII.
Recently based in Tokyo and Paris.
Creating hand-crafted watches, jewelry and small leather goods line.
Started in Tokyo in 2001.
Design and create by hand with simple tools which can produce authentic quality.
As an artisan, I think about entire proses while focusing on different types of work.
Creating watchcases,sewing leather straps,fitting hands to movement...
For making each one of them different but the same quality...
All watches, jewelry and small leather goods are handcrafted in my studio in Tokyo and Paris


Sayuri Fujii